About the Project

Box of experiments is not just a product but also a project that links the teachers-experimenters from all over the world. Box of experiments is currently available in 14 languages and the number of teachers using it is constantly growing. The universal language of physics enables the teachers and professors from all over the world to take part in this project actively and suggest new ideas. The accessories have to be common and accessible. The instructions have to be short and clear, but thorough and unambiguous, and also supported by high quality pictures. The explanations have to be offered at basic, lower levels, and higher, more advanced levels. ETwinning website has enabled us to introduce the collection to many teachers and today more than 50 teachers from Europe and countries all around the world take part in the project.

About the Box of Experiments

Box of Experiments is a Slovene product created in association with primary and secondary science and physics teachers. It is a teaching tool for primary school and it is not a toy. It contains the accessories needed to complete 20 interesting physics experiments and a CD with instructions and explanations. Short and clear instructions are supported by high quality pictures.


Slovenian (full version 1.1) - Sašo Žigon (author)
English  (full version 1.1) - Klara R. Canzutti
Croatian (full version 1.1) - Marina Barišić
Armenian (full version 1.1) - Наира Арутюнян
Italian (full version 1.1) - Paola Mignosi, Mariapia Borghesan, Luca Sarasini, Massimo Ramozzi
Spanish (full version 1.1) - Esther Pérez, Marianna Makrydaki
Serbian (full version 1.1) - Наташа Ђорђевић Паовић

Greek (full version 1.1) - Elen KorakakiMarianna Makrydaki
Bulgarian (full version 1.0) - Stoyanka Staeva, Rositsa Dimova
French (full version 1.0) - Georges Khaznadar, Éric Vayssie
Romanian (full version 1.0) - Rita Godoroja
Polish (full version 1.0) - Aneta Stępniewska
Georgian (full version 1.0) - Luiza Navdarashvili, Inga Navdarashvili
Turkish (full version 1.0) - Bilge Varel, Enise Batir
Lithuanian (full version 1.0) - Trakų r. Lentvario Motiejaus Šimelionio gimnazija